Where the Ogrekin Roam, a Jessie’s Bar Novel

When Jessie retired from her Witch Council duties to open a bar in a small town in North Georgia, she pictured a life of peaceful retirement helping the local community and bridging the gap between the supernatural and human worlds. Her apprentices, Caroline and Jared, were an unexpected part of the package deal, and she wouldn’t give them up for anything– not even when Jared showed up on her doorstep with an ogre named Tug, a member of a supposedly extinct species of the fae. 

Rescuing Tug’s clans from exile before the cabal could get to them first quickly became a top priority, but Jessie was in for another surprise when Caroline dropped a bombshell in Jessie’s lap in the form of a mysterious brother. And not just any brother– he’s Caroline’s twin, making the two of them the most powerful witches born in a century.

Now Jessie and her friends have to save the ogres and an extremely powerful, untrained, and terrified young witch at the same time, and the revelations they learn along the way open up very uncomfortable possibilities for both the past and the future. 

Book two of the Welcome to Jessie’s series is available for preorder, so order your copy now! It will be available everywhere on March 12. .

Download a sample and check it out! Available as ePub or PDF here.