Jessie’s Bar Urban Fantasy Series

Jessie’s Bar my inaugural urban fantasy series, follows a witch who’s a little over a thousand years old (give or take– but who’s counting?) as she tries to save the world from a power-hungry cabal with the help of her best friend (another really old witch), a couple of materialistic and slightly snobby vampires, a Matagot (French cryptid spirit that usually prefers the shape of a huge black cat– and has the entitled snarkiness to go with it), a Nain Rouge with a fondness for beer and fighting, a human with insatiable curiosity and more innovation and bravery than everyone else put together, and a ghost who died from a heart attack in the bathroom when a succubus showed him her… talents. It also has cats. They feature predominantly in my Patreon and Instagram accounts as well.

Check out each book for more information including what it’s about and where you can buy it. If you want to give it a test run, you can download a sample first.

Welcome to Jessie’s

I would like to thank my dear friend Erin for allowing me to use this stunning picture from her bar Arcana as the cover!

Where the Ogrekin Roam

The cover image was taken by my friends Sandra and Beth at Bull McCabes Irish Pub.